Who Is Paternity Testing Corporation?

Paternity Testing Corporation was formed in 1996. We operate out of Columbia, Missouri and are one of only about 37 AABB accredited paternity testing laboratories in North America. Paternity Testing Corporation is now among the largest four or five DNA paternity testing laboratories in the U.S., by volume of DNA paternity business. We DNA test over 40,000 individuals per year, from over 2,000 DNA specimen collection locations throughout the United States, and we also perform DNA paternity testing around the world. We provide DNA testing through contracts with many government agencies, and also directly to individuals all over the world.

Paternity Testing Corporation is a family business. As a family, we insist on doing business with a conscience and a heart. We care a great deal about the lives of those for whom we provide DNA testing. We understand that the question of paternity is an extremely important issue in people’s lives, and we want to be as careful as possible to make sure we are providing answers you can count on for the question of paternity.

People do not realize how much difference there is in the reliability of DNA paternity testing provided by different paternity laboratories. Even accredited laboratories issue a number of erroneous DNA paternity test results every year. More reliable DNA paternity testing is possible, and some DNA paternity testing laboratories provide it (see Avoid Erroneous Results).

As discussed and explained throughout this web site, Paternity Testing Corporation regularly makes decisions to adopt operating procedures that provide higher levels of DNA paternity testing and implement additional safeguards in DNA testing, in order to provide the most reliable DNA paternity testing available. This causes us to make less profit on each DNA test, but we can sleep better at night knowing that we are not issuing incorrect DNA test results to people who are trusting us for this important answer.

In addition to a higher level of paternity testing, the fact that we approach our mission with a conscience and a heart makes a visible difference in everything else we do, from the level and style of customer service to the special pricing for people building families through adoptions and assisted reproduction.

As you will be able to tell from the discussions throughout this web site, and as our references will confirm, at Paternity Testing Corporation we will provide you with the best service and the most reliable DNA paternity testing available.